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Policy of personal management

Company employees are the basis of corporate success and company positioning on the market.

Policy of personal management "NefteGasStroy Consulting and Engineering" is the policy that gas strong and stable corporate culture and harmonious system of corporate values.

Basis of the Policy of personal management is the construction of the system that create certain measures:

  • Motivation of each employees to achieve the goals that are caused by Company strategy;
  • Definition of criteria on the assessment of results achievement level;
  • Employees reward and encouragement.

Main task of policy of personal management is the creation of such staff management system, when "NefteGasStroy Consulting and Engineering" has stable status of "preferable employer" at the labor market.

"NefteGasStroy Consulting and Engineering" has highly qualified professionals that have significant work experience in leading international and Russian consulting companies and in real economy section.

"NefteGasStroy Consulting and Engineering" successfully applies integrated approach to the control over companies development, i.e. strategic aspects of activities are correlated to certain issues of human resources management and development of business processes. Such approach allows fully understand the situation, forecast its development and control it.

Competitive advantage of "NefteGasStroy Consulting and Engineering" team is the following:

  • Complex approach to revealing/resolution of client's problems; that allows our clients make optimum solutions;
  • application of international methods of management for complicated projects;

"NefteGasStroy Consulting and Engineering" team is first of all professionals. Today they think, search and develop technologies and solutions that will be popular tomorrow. Quality, efficiency, professionalism and corporate spirit are the qualities that characterize the company team.

"NefteGasStroy Consulting and Engineering" , when hiring employees, pays attention not only to knowledge and experience, but to capacities and preconditions of his (her) dynamic development. Most of the specialists of "NefteGasStroy Consulting and Engineering" had professional certification.

Company management is strongly convinced that quantitative team growth is not the main thing. Growth of each employee - "NefteGasStroy Consulting and Engineering" emphasis on this.

Company management does the following for this:

  • focus the team on long-term and productive work;
  • encourage the aspiration of employees for self-realization and self-development;
  • constantly increases personal qualification;
  • forms and strengthens the foundation of corporate culture in the company.
Main activities • Licenses • Services • Structure • Personnel • Experience • Cooperation • Company policy • Feedback • Contacts •