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Full follow-up of project implementation:

Investment and Trading:

  • Market analysis, business planning, investment concepts development, investment valuation.
  • Advising and assessment of direct investment and trading opportunity windows;
  • Advising and assistance in investment project planning and development (oil&gas, commercial and industrial real estate, construction);
  • Coordinating in international trading opportunities

Project management:

  • Fulfillment of functions of corporate consultant and authorized representative of the client (general contractor)for complex project management at all its stages;
  • Complex project follow up, organization of interface of project participants at each stage of its implementation;
  • Development of tender documents, organization and holding of tenders for subcontractors works and complex assessment of presented offers;
  • QC at all project stages.

Management and control over works of contractors:

  • Development, control for the compliance to Russian norms and control over fulfillment of technical assignments for contractors, including the following:
    • Technical assignments for survey;
    • Technical assignments for design works, including feasibility study and detail design documentation;
    • Technical assignments for construction execution works.
  • Control over contract obligations of subcontractors and suppliers at all project stages;
  • Technical supervision of the Client during construction;
  • QC measures and QC documents registration;
  • Control of correctness of procedures execution, acceptance and registration of executive documentation:
    • At the preparatory stage for construction
      • Development and concurrence of order and list of documented works acceptance between the client and contractor;
      • Determination of list of control procedures of compliance assessment of the works (and certain stages) and the requirements of project documentation and regulatory documents;
      • Control over execution of input control by contractors of forwarded project documentation, control over observation of input control time-line;
    • At the stage of construction - industrial control
      • Control of correctness and timeliness of registration of documentation by contractors/subcontractors of first level industrial control;
      • Control over duly registration of acts of hidden works;
      • Control of correctness and timeliness of registration of acceptance acts of certain structures and facilities as well as test acts.
      • Control of correctness of procedures execution, acceptance and registration of executive documentation:
      • Control of performance of instructions of state supervision and local self-management by contractors;
      • Control of execution of instructions of representatives of technical/architectural supervision;
      • Control and, if necessary, development of additional acceptance procedures that are not provided by regulatory documents.
    • At the stage of acceptance and commissioning of constructed objects
      • Completeness and correctness control of registration of documents for objects delivery to Working commission;
      • Control over execution of comments elimination; comments are made by Working commission;
      • Documents completeness control for the delivery to State acceptance commissions.


  • Engineering survey for design and construction;
  • Development and concurrence of project solutions for oil transport systems, including tank farms and pump stations;
  • Development of special projects in the following areas:
    • Foundations in complicated engineering-geological conditions;
    • Engineering protection of objects and territories against hazardous geological processes (erosion, landslides etc.).
  • Regulatory-technical support of design and construction
  • Cost estimates and cost assessments (by normatives and on the basis of current market prices);
  • Study of construction management - development of actual calendar plans (taking into consideration permits/concurrences obtaining), definition of necessity of construction products and materials;
  • Architectural and technical supervision;
  • Selection of equipment.

Work with state power bodies:

  • Obtaining of specifications for design;
  • Issues that relate to the selection and registration of land sites;
  • Follow-up of concurrence of project and other documentation at state power bodies (federal and regional levels) and bodies of local self-management;
  • Obtaining of certificates for imported foreign equipment.

Cooperation with our partners allows us to attract highly qualified specialists of various profiles and use the most modern technologies, depending on project specificity.

Complete environmental follow-up of project implementation:
Environmental follow-up at the design stage

  • Development of EIA and "Environmental protection" sections within project documentation;
  • Development and concurrence of LAD and LAE projects and normatives of waste formation and waste disposition limits;
  • Environmental survey and territories assessment, including revealing of environmental limits that should be considered during design, construction and operation of industrial objects;
  • Definition and optimization of losses and damages of land sites withdrawal, including definition of flora/fauna damage, during construction of industrial objects;
  • Preparation of projects for State environmental expertise, fishery expert review TSUREN, expert review within labor protection;
  • Work with state power bodies on the updating of water preserving zones, updating of borders of specially protected territories (in case of overlapping with the borders of the site that is for the construction object).

Environmental follow-up at the state of construction and operation

  • Organization and/or industrial environmental control, including specialized training of enterprise employees;
  • Organization and/or environmental monitoring;
  • Work with environmental public, in case of negative situations that may occur for company image;
  • Registration of statistical reporting (form 2 - toxic waste, 2 - air, 2 - water industry, 18- - data on investments;
  • Organization of environmental management system and preparation for certification according to the requirements of ISO 14000;
  • Development of justifying materials for obtaining permits for waste discharge, emission and disposition;
  • Registration of justifying materials for obtaining water-use licenses and permits for works in aquatories, water protection zones and coastal areas.

Main activities • Licenses • Services • Structure • Personnel • Experience • Cooperation • Company policy • Feedback • Contacts •